How We Exceed Expectations

The Goldline Process

Our proven process has been specifically designed by our experienced architectural designers to give our clients the best possible opportunity for a successful outcome to the project they have entrusted to us.

As you can see below every part of the process is clearly defined so every party from architectural designer to Client to Builder to Planner has a concise understanding of what happens next.

The Process We Follow To Ensure Your Project is a success

Survey/Self Survey

Accurate measurements are the start of any design journey, if you are unsure of the accuracy we can measure the area for you.

Design Meeting

The initial design meeting can be either in person or via Zoom, Here we seek to get a thorough understanding of your requirements.


At this stage, we have provided our initial designs and have worked with you to ensure they meet your requirements.  Only then do you give formal approval.

Submit To Planning

Once you have given formal confirmation to proceed, we can then formally submit your designs if required to the local planning authority who need to approve the designs.

Application Validation

Upon Submitting to the Local Planning Authority they validate the application to ensure documentation is complete.

The Planning Process

This part of the process is where all the hard work pays off, we may need to be patient if local resident’s consultation is required.

Planning Approval

Planning Approval is either granted or denied, in the unlikely event that approval is not granted we will work to find a way to get an approval.

Building Regulations Drawings

At this stage, we create all of the drawings required by building regulations.  A copy will be held by the local planning authority.

Builder Tender (if requested)

If you do not have a preferred builder in place, we can hold a tender for the works for a small fee so you can choose from a range of partners.

Send drawing to BC and SE

Next, we send the drawings to Building Controls and Structural Engineers for their formal approval.

BC Sign off and Approval Letter

Once we have received the approval letter we will provide you with a copy of the drawings.  Your builder will then become the principle contractor.

Project Completion

We will provide 3 large copies of the drawings via the Royal Mail, at this point, our services are complete.

Planning For success

Contact Us For An Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation services are free of charge, it is an ideal opportunity for us to build a relationship, enhance our understanding of your requirements. You can find out first-hand why we are one of the fastest-growing architectural designers in County Durham.

Let’s Build Something

By Following the Goldline process we can ensure your project runs smoothly.
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